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Many women find the ParaGard IUD device is a safe and effective method of control. 

Others are not quite so lucky.

When things go wrong with this intrauterine IUD, any of the following can ensue:

Device migration

  • Pelvic pain
  • Perforation of the uterus
  • Copper wire remaining inside the body
  • Infections
  • Scarring
  • Expulsion of device
  • Organ damage

If you find yourself among the 2800 women who have reported issues with ParaGard to the FDA, you have redress if you seek the right legal counsel. That’s something we can help you with here at ParaGard Lawsuit.

Instead of using an in-house team, we can instead access a much wider range of deeply experienced injury lawyers specializing in this particular area of tort law. This arrangement helps us to connect you with the legal counsel you need, so you can get the compensation you deserve.

Some injuries resulting from adverse experiences with ParaGard are more than just distressing or painful. For women requiring hysterectomy after ParaGard removal goes wrong, this wound runs much deeper than pelvic pain or a remnant of copper wire that needs removing.

Our compassionate team understands and empathizes with what you are going through. While we cannot do anything to change what you have lost at the hands of ParaGard, we can help you to get

Reach out to us here at ParaGard Lawsuit. Even if a ParaGard device has been responsible for you losing the ability to have children, there’s no need to lose your dignity, too.

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