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Author Susana Restrepo, Ph.D.

Susana Restrepo, Ph.D.

Susana is a medical and scientific writer. Prior to writing, Susana obtained her Ph.D. in Pharmacology from the University of Colorado where she studied molecular neuroscience in the context of learning and memory. Before attending graduate school, she got her B.S. in Biotechnology from the University of Florida.


Bethany Sanstrum, Ph.D.

Bethany Sanstrum obtained a B.S in psychology with a specialization in behavioral neuroscience from the University of Evansville, a M.S. in biology from the University of Saint Joseph and a Ph.D. in cell and molecular biology with a specialization in neuroscience from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Her dissertation work focused on fluorescence fluctuation spectroscopy approaches to novel therapeutics for Parkinson's disease. She also has two years of Postdoctoral experience in various fields such as obesity and chronic stress, kidney disease and exosome biogenesis and breast cancer immunotherapy from the Medical College of Georgia. She is currently enrolled in the M.B.A. program at Augusta University and is working as a clinical research manager for pediatric oncology at the Georgia Cancer Center.

Karen Viera PhD

Dr. Karen Viera

Dr. Karen Vieira has a Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences from the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University Of Florida College Of Medicine, a Master of Science in Management and a Bachelor of Science in Molecular Biology. She has worked in hospitals and clinics conducting clinical research with patients, as well as in biotechnology laboratories, researching the biochemistry and molecular biology of the body, animals and even micro-organisms. Additionally, she worked in the food industry with the largest food company in America where she researched food and supplement ingredients for a variety of health conditions. While there, she also started a comprehensive cell culture research project, a first of its kind there, discovering and prioritizing novel and emerging food ingredients for health and wellness using cell culture studies.

In 2007, she started her own scientific writing and consulting company, The Med Writers. Her passion is discovering existing research on dietary and lifestyle changes that prevent, cure or improve various health conditions. Not only does she have knowledge on healthy eating and living, but she personally lives it, inspiring others to do the same.

Lorelei Tucker

Lorelei Tucker, Ph.D.

Lorelei has a PhD in Neuroscience from Augusta University and a BS in Chemistry from Georgia Southern University. Lorelei currently works as a research assistant at Augusta University and freelances as a medical writer.

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